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Welcome to ReflectX

ReflectX is a carefully crafted startup program where innovation meets opportunity.

Designed for ambitious startups from Seed to Series-A, ReflectX offers a unique blend of access, connections, and visibility. From exclusive investor matchmaking and corporate executive interactions to educational workshops, significant discounts on exhibition spaces and the chance to shine in the ReflectX Pitch Competition, we provide the tools and network to elevate your startup.

International Media

250+ Investors

Access all benefits

Once selected and confirmed* for the ReflectX Startup Program, you’re poised to experience a suite of exclusive benefits tailored to accelerate your journey.

2 Free Startup Passes

Kickstart your ReflectX journey with two free passes, offering unparalleled access to the Reflect Festival. Dive into a world of innovation, networking, and inspiration.

ReflectX Pitch Competition

Dive into the heart of the competition, where active members battle it out in the semi-finals. Only the best 6 will advance to the grand finals at Reflect Festival. And what’s in store for the winner of the grand finale? Valuable prizes including a 15.000 EUR check.

Investor Matchmaking

Gain direct access to a curated network of investors eager to fuel groundbreaking ventures. This is your opportunity to secure the investment needed to propel your startup forward.

Executives Matchmaking

Connect with industry leaders and corporate executives, unlocking potential collaborations that can redefine your market presence and operational excellence.

Parties & Dinners

Blend business with pleasure at our curated events. Engage with industry leaders, potential partners, and fellow innovators in a relaxed, social setting, fostering meaningful connections.

Discounts on Exhibition Booths

Elevate your visibility with a 50% discount on exhibition booths. For just €2,500, down from €5,000, showcase your solutions to a global audience at the Reflect Festival.

Founder Workshops

Elevate your skillset with hands-on workshops led by experts. From the latest in tech trends to business strategy essentials, gain insights and tools to drive your startup forward.

Media Matchmaking

Amplify your startup’s story with our media matchmaking service. Connect with journalists and influencers who can shine a spotlight on your innovations, boosting your visibility in the startup ecosystem.

Pitch training

As a selected startup of the Pitch Competition, you will receive extra training to elevate your pitch with expert-led sessions designed to sharpen your presentation skills.

Who we are looking for

We’re looking for outstanding companies eager to take their business to the next level.


Have a working product or service:

Your startup should have a product or service that is functional and in use by customers.


Show traction and sales:

You should be able to demonstrate that your startup is gaining traction in the market and has a growing customer base, as well as showing evidence of sales.


Generate revenues:

Your startup should have a revenue model in place and be generating revenues, indicating the potential for future growth.


Be at an early, pre-seed, seed, or Series A stage:

We are looking for startups that are at various stages of their development journey. For ReflectX 2024, our funding cap raised to 15 million Euro.


Be from or operating in a country within the geographical scope of ReflectX:

To ensure inclusivity, we target startups from countries with emerging innovation systems within a three-hour radius of


Be a technology-based and innovative company:

Your startup should be technology-driven and innovative, with the potential to disrupt existing markets or create new ones.

What happens when

Three simple steps will elevate your startup success this May.


Apply with your startup by May 19th via the link below.


Once selected for the ReflectX Startup Program, we will provide you with 2 complimentary Startup Passes.

Confirm your participation in the program and Reflect Festival by claiming your free Festival Passes.


Once you’ve confirmed your participation, our startup team will reach out to ensure you maximize your program benefits. From understanding your unique situation and needs to tailoring your experience, we’re here to support your journey to success.

What are the prizes

And what’s in store for the winner of the grand finale in 2024?







*Marketing Services Bundle Includes
Strategy Development: Go-to-market and brand strategy.
Branding: Brand identity and brand guidelines.
Creative: Graphic design, 3D graphics, illustrations, photo/video
production, website creative concept.

1. Basic Incorporation of Cyprus Company
2. Assisting with the registration to the Business Facilitation Unit (BFU) + Immigration
3. Assisting with Intellectual Property
4. Advice on start-up funding
5. Provide GDPR Compliance

If you have any question contact us directly at

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