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Welcome to ReflectX,

In 2023, we parted with a promise: ReflectX 2024 will surpass all expectations. We’re here, promise fulfilled.

What’s revolutionary in 2024:

Exclusive Startup-Investor Semifinal

We’ve enhanced the competition’s blueprint, introducing an additional semifinal phase – the ReflectX Day will be an exclusive event where 15 startups will have their moment in front of 250+ investors! But that’s not all — a suite of meticulously curated startups-investor meet-ups will complement the pitching sessions to make that day an unprecedented opportunity for networking and engaging! Out of the 15, only 6 will ascend to the final phase, the ReflectX finals, each battling for the ultimate accolade – the ReflectX 2024 Champion.

This year startups cannot just buy tickets to participate at the festival but rather apply to ReflectX and should they be selected they automatically receive two tickets to participate in the festival and automatically get in the pool of startups from which the 15 will be selected to participate in the ReflectX Day.

By popular demand, we’re elevating the eligibility criteria, now welcoming startups up to Series A funding – widening the arena, intensifying the challenge.

How it works?

Complete our online application form, ensuring you meet the updated eligibility criteria. Agree to our competition terms and conditions to take your first step. [Apply Here]

Our independent expert panel thoroughly evaluates each application for merit and potential. Successful applicants not only pass the initial criteria but also receive two free tickets to the Reflect Festival.

The top 15 teams will be selected for the semifinals – ReflectX Day. Here, you’ll pitch in front of an audience of 250+ investors, offering a prime opportunity for interaction and impact. From this group, 6 will be chosen for the final round.

In preparation for the Grand Finale, finalists will receive personalized and group online mentorship. Our experts will fine-tune your pitching skills, ensuring you’re ready to impress.

The ReflectX finals are your moment to shine. Present your startup to a seasoned jury and an audience of investors, industry influencers, and fellow entrepreneurs. This is your chance to win big, showcase your vision, and elevate your startup to new heights.

Key Dates

Mark your calendars

FEB 15

Application Period Opens


Application Deadline


of Finalists

MAY 13-14

Online Mentoring

MAY 30

ReflectX Day (Semifinals)

MAY 31


What does it take?
To be eligible you must:


Have a working product or service:

Your startup should have a product or service that is functional and in use by customers.


Show traction and sales:

You should be able to demonstrate that your startup is gaining traction in the market and has a growing customer base, as well as showing evidence of sales.


Generate revenues:

Your startup should have a revenue model in place and be generating revenues, indicating the potential for future growth.


Be at an early, pre-seed, seed, or Series A stage:

We are looking for startups that are at various stages of their development journey. For ReflectX 2024, our funding cap raised to 15 million Euro.


Be from or operating in a country within the geographical scope of ReflectX:

To ensure inclusivity, we target startups from countries with emerging innovation systems within a three-hour radius of


Be a technology-based and innovative company:

Your startup should be technology-driven and innovative, with the potential to disrupt existing markets or create new ones.

Why participate?

Participating in ReflectX offers a range of benefits for early-stage startups.
Here are some of the top reasons to get involved:

Exposure & deal-making

Gain exposure and connect with 250+ investors, relevant mentors, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers from around the world.

Pitch training

ReflectX provides valuable feedback from judges, mentors, and other participants. This feedback can help you refine your business idea and improve your pitch.

Great rewards

Get festival tickets, exclusive access to a startup-investor day, and the exciting opportunity to pitch on the main stage for cash rewards, access to mentoring and further resources to fuel your growth 🏆

Meet Our Judges

Stay Tuned: Our ReflectX 2024 Jury to be Unveiled Soon

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ReflectX is open to early-stage startups from various industries and countries within the ReflectX geographical scope. For a detailed description of the eligibility criteria please visit the dedicated section on our website.

The application process for ReflectX is simple and can be completed online. Visit our website and fill out the application form, providing all the necessary details about your startup.

No, there is no application fee to apply for ReflectX. It is completely free to participate in the competition.

The application deadline for ReflectX is on the 1st of August 2023. Make sure to submit your application before the deadline to be considered for the competition. Please refer to the website for any changes to the key dates of the competition.

The applications will be evaluated by a panel of independent judges who will assess various aspects of the startups, including the business idea, market potential, team, and innovation. The evaluation process will be based on predefined criteria to ensure fairness and transparency.

The top 10 highest-scoring startups will be selected as finalists for ReflectX. These finalists will have the opportunity to showcase their ideas and compete in the final round of the competition.

After the application review process, the selected finalists will be notified via email. They will receive further instructions regarding the next steps, including participation in training and mentoring sessions to prepare for the pitching competition.

Yes, finalists of ReflectX will have access to training and mentoring sessions conducted by industry experts. These sessions aim to enhance their skills, refine their pitches, and receive valuable feedback to increase their chances of success. The training and mentoring will be held online a couple of weeks before the competition. 

The pitching competition will take place during the Reflect Festival. Each finalist team will have a designated time slot to deliver a compelling pitch presentation followed by a Q&A session with the jury panel and the audience.

The winners of ReflectX will be announced during the end of the competition. The exact date and time will be communicated to all participants and posted on our website as the event approaches.

ReflectX offers a range of valuable prizes to the winners, including cash prizes, office space, mentorship, marketing and PR services, business services, and more. Please refer to our website for the exact details of the prizes.

Travel and accommodation arrangements are the responsibility of the participating startups. However, we can provide assistance and recommendations to help with visa issues and suggest suitable accommodation options.

Visa Assistance: We understand that navigating visa processes can be challenging. At ReflectX, we offer support and guidance to participants who require assistance with visa issues. Our dedicated team is here to help you wit the necessary documentation and provide guidance throughout the visa application process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. We are committed to making your participation in ReflectX as accessible and seamless as possible. Please reach out to

ReflectX is specifically targeted towards startups within the ReflectX region. However, if you believe your startup aligns with the objectives and criteria of ReflectX, we encourage you to reach out to us for further discussion.

If you can’t find what you are looking for contact us directly

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